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What is a Contents Cleaning Company? Why do I need it?

Homeowners have been struggling with water and fire damage for years, but now with the advent of our proprietary technology, we can restore your home to its previous glory. The contents cleaning service is just as important as the restoration service that helps get rid of mold, mildew, and other contaminants left behind after a flood or fire. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary drying techniques, we can dry out even the most damaged belongings to their original condition or even better.

A content company is a company that specializes in dealing with your possessions. It supplies all the services necessary for your own benefit. Superior Content has three steps to its process. The steps consist of content pack out, content cleaning, and content storage.

Superior Contents provides a full range of services to help you in the aftermath of your loss. We have a team of professional movers, packers, and warehouse experts who will carefully inventory, package, move and store your belongings for you. We understand that preparing for and moving through a loss can be extremely difficult and we hope to limit some of the stress involved.


The pack-out process begins when the client decides to work with us. We will then begin by using special software to monitor and inventor all the contents in the area that have been damaged. We will put a barcode on each item, and take a picture of that item.

Then the barcode will be scanned and we will upload the picture and what the item is to the platform, which we will send to the client after we are done with the inventory. After that, we will wrap the items and pack them out of the house and into our vans to be taken to our warehouse for cleaning.

Content Cleaning:

We use professional tools to remove all excess, odor and make your valuables look like they were before the damage. On the other hand, some valuables would not be able to be returned to the way they were before because the damage would be too great to restore. If we believed that some items could be restored but we were not able to restore them, then we would mark such items on our inventory list as “disposable”. Insurance will cover these items if that is the case.

Content Storage:

Superior Contents store the items after cleaning in a climate-controlled facility. We store them until the building or home restoration rebuild is complete. Then we do pack back - and deliver those items and soft goods that have been cleaned and restored to the preexisted condition.

If you decided that you want to hire us as your content cleaning company, give a call to (206) 502-7002 and we’ll get started right away!

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