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Fire and Smoke 

Superior Contents is here to help your family recover from the leading causes of property damage

Aerial View of Burnt House

1. Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire is a realistic hazard in both residential and commercial spaces. The after math of a fire can lead to numerous health and environmental issues such as off-gasses and contaminants. When a fire starts on a property, the more items consumed leads to a stronger fire.  Household items such as plastics, metals, proteins, and other materials give off a variety of chemicals when burned. Once burned, these chemicals can contaminate household items and start to cause irreparable damage to the structure. The contaminated materials need to be handled and cleaned by professionals who understand fire and smoke residue and how to mitigate its affects. Treating the items within the correct timeframe will minimize the damage and maximize what we can save.


2. Cleaning Fire

and Smoke Damaged Property

It is important that the homeowner contact us immediately when experiencing fire or smoke in their home. We advise the homeowner to leave the premise in smoke and ash contaminated areas to avoid serious or deadly side affects to their health. The homeowner should not try to clean smoke damaged items and areas themselves, they risk further damaging items and cross-contaminating other non-exposed areas. The first recommended step is call a specialist who understands fire and smoke damage. Superior Contents will clean and deodorize the property of any contaminants or smells.

3. Recovering Fire

and Smoke Damaged Items

If not promptly addressed, smoke and ash from the fire can cause potentially unrepairable damage to the property. Smoke, when left to settle, will discolor materials and develop a white, yellow tint. This occurs due to the various chemicals released as it decays from fire damage. Harmful chemicals in smoke including formaldehyde, benzene, acetic acid, formic acid, toluene, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, VOCs, sulfur dioxide, plastics, and other harmful chemicals. Smoke is a corrosive substance and will quickly damage your valuables if not handled promptly and correctly. The longer ash and soot sit on items, the harder they will be to recover and require disposal.

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