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Textile Restoration

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Our Textile Services

The art of textile restoration is all about bringing back the life and beauty of your damaged fabrics. It covers a wide range of processes that involve everything from basic cleaning and spot removal, to fabric dyeing and rebuilding. You can bring us your wardrobe that has been exposed to smoke, fire or water damage or even a vintage or antique dress with tears and stains from years gone by. Our professional restorers are trained at removing these issues so you can experience the pride of wearing well-loved items again. The process is not only about fixing visible damage; it's also about restoring the strength of the material so that it looks and feels like new again.

At Superior Contents, we specialize in:

     - Clothing restoration              - Shoe restoration

     - Handbag restoration              - Leather restoration

     - Luggage restoration.               - Curtain restoration

     - Taxidermy restoration.           - Linen restoration.               

     - Towel restoration

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