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The contents cleaning process includes the examination of all items, clothing and furniture that was damaged by the water. Everything is carefully assessed to determine its appropriateness for our cleaning process and to ensure that there are no hidden damages.

The contents cleaning process includes:

  • A “Pack Up”

  • A “Pack Out”

  • Contents Cleaning

  • Contents Storage

  • A “Pack Back”

  • An “Unpack”

A Pack Up is the process of packing up your contents so they can be moved to a contents cleaning facility. The steps include:

  • An initial overview of contents

  • Determining which items are salvageable and non-salvageable

  • Photographing contents and existing damage

  • Creating a Master Inventory and Box Log Inventory

  • Packing contents securely

A project manager from the contents cleaning company will come out and determine the scope of the project. This is where they’ll determine how many workers, trucks, and supplies will be required to finish your Pack Up in a timely manner.

The pack-up and contents cleaning process begin by assessing the damaged property. The appraiser will create an initial list of non-salvageable items. Non-salvageable items are those which have been completely destroyed or cannot be restored. Keep in mind that additional items may be classified as non-salvageable as the Pack Up and contents cleaning processes continue. It’s not always possible to determine whether or not something is non-salvageable in the beginning.

You need to make a list of all your belongings if you’re planning on looking for contents insurance. This is because you’ll have to provide this list to your insurance company, and they can only pay out on items that are on their approved insurance lists. Your belongings will be photographed to document their existence and to track any pre-existing damage (i.e. a deep scratch on a table). Your contents company will then begin to securely pack your belongings, creating the master inventory as they go. They may even use specialized software to document your contents.

Next, these items would be cleaned and stored in a storage facility until the restoration of the home or property is fully restored. Superior Contents makes it very simple for their clients and guides them through all the process so that no additional stress would be added to the client.

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